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Health & Safety

ADAMA is committed to providing a safe work environment to its employees, and strictly follows all relevant law provisions to protect the health of its employees. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority and at the heart of our commitment to our employees.

While important in all facilities, this goal is especially important with production sites, where the potential for accidents, exposure to hazardous materials, and erroneous use of equipment, is higher than at other locations. ADAMA believes that each of us should have a safe and healthy working environment and is proactively addressing risks and skill gaps.


ADAMA aims to continually improve and invest resources in a variety of programs with and for our surrounding communities.

Above all we are committed to the promotion of education in subjects such as chemistry, agriculture, and sustainability, which are aligned with our business activities. We are also dedicated to making investments relating to health, culture, art, sports, heritage, and welfare.


ADAMA is focused on producing agricultural solutions that are required for feeding a growing global population, while ensuring that we contribute to preserving our natural environment.

We adopt a sustainable approach to protect the environment by promoting renewable energy, recycling and waste reduction.


Our approach is to lead by excellence, live by our purpose and values, and execute our strategy to become the employer of choice in our industry. We also aim to employ and grow the people who choose to thrive in our unique environment. These are people who are highly engaged, passionate, and empowered.

ADAMA is committed to offering employment and advancement opportunities to talented employees of different cultural backgrounds.

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